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Making a gift to Parents and Children Together Resource Centre (PACT), is an investment in families within the community and in the future of our youth. With your generous support, PACT can continue to assist our families and provide them with the support they need to raise happy, healthy children.


General Donation

You can make a donation and have an impact on the lives of those struggling within our community. We are very grateful for financial gifts at any level. Unrestricted funds allow us to direct your gift to the area of programming with the greatest need.

A donation of:

  • $25.00 purchases one resource manual and parenting workbook for a single parent attending any of our parenting workshops

  • $50.00 provides a place for one child to attend 8 weeks of early motor skill development course

  • $75 will provide three months of craft and painting supplies for our budding artists

  • $100.00 provides a families registration and child care for a parenting workshop

  • $250.00 provides three months of nutritious snacks to children to promote healthy eating habits

  • $500.00 provides funding to develop customized workshops tailored to participants’ needs

  • $1000.00 will pay the electrical bill providing heat and light to the Center all through the winter


Building Blocks to Success – Monthly Giving

It’s a convenient way to pledge your support to Parents and Children Together Resource Centre and provide us with stable, reliable funding every month. Monthly giving cuts down on our administrative costs, so we can put more of your gift to work where it matters most – providing support to the children and families within the Halifax Regional Municipality who reach out to us for support.

Eg. A $10.00 monthly donation allows us to provide childcare during our parenting workshops, so that parents can focus on parenting skill development and children stay safe.

In-Kind Gifts

Gifts in-kind are welcomed based on our organization’s needs at the time you wish to give.

If you wish to make an in-kind gift, please see our wish list on the right for a list of current needs. While there may be a need in the future, if your desired donation is not on this list, unfortunately we do not have the resources to transport and store your generous donation.

In-Kind Gifts Currently Needed

  • New personal care items - soap, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, tampons and pads 

  • Non-parishable food items - tea, coffee, canned milk, canned veggies, baby food, etc.

  • Diapers

  • Formula

  • Baby wipes

  • New clothing (Jackets, hats, mittens and socks)

  • New towels, face cloths

  • books/children or parenting


Legacy Gifts to PACT

There are also ways that you can make a donation to leave a Legacy Gift to PACT. This type of donation can be given now or in the future and can provide you with the opportunity to establish a personal legacy.


A bequest, the most common type of future gift, is a commitment made through your Will to be distributed by your estate upon your death. A bequest may be a specific piece of property, sum of money, or a portion of your estate. Most people make a bequest when their Wills are drawn.


Now more than ever, it is attractive to donors to gift publicly traded securities to charities. You can now give stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, as well as futures and options without paying the capital gains tax. To make a gift of securities to Parents and Children Together, please download our Securities Transfer Form and discuss these personal options with your financial planner.


It is now easier to donate the proceeds of your Registered Retirement Saving Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) to a designated charity like PACT. Simply change the beneficiary information on the plan document and advise the institution holding your retirement account of the change.



We are very grateful to the many individuals, businesses, corporations, clubs and associations, foundations and employee groups that direct their funds to help support the work of Parents and Children Together Resource Centre.


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